Why we do what we do...



Our company was created during our endeavor to help our special needs children.  We have a total of eight children, five of whom we adopted through foster care, with diagnosis’ including autism, ADHD, OCD, developmental delays, speech and language disabilities, and asthma.  When our youngest son, Ryan, was diagnosed with autism at age 4, after receiving a vaccination, we were devastated to say the least.  Our family immediately embarked on a journey to “save” Ryan.  An extremely intelligent and lovable child, we just weren’t able to accept that our little boy was lost forever.  Through diet and supplements, we were able to “save” Ryan and once again have our brilliant, lovable child back.  While he still has some struggles in life, most people who meet him can’t believe he had autism.   

In researching various organic and natural items that could help him, we stumbled upon pink Himalayan salt. We first switched our “table” salt from regular sea salt to the Himalayan salt.  While I wasn’t able to see any immediate effects in Ryan, after about two and a half months my husband no longer needed his blood pressure medicine.  One day I was trying to alleviate a four-day migraine that Ryan was having and nothing the doctor tried worked.  After administering a salt bath and placing our first salt lamp in his room, his migraine was gone in 30 minutes! 

Salt lamps in each of our rooms followed.  Our family noticed better sleep, relief from allergies and asthma, and calmer children.  Not only did we place salt lamps everywhere, but we started administering salt baths regularly for all of our children and ourselves.  Our youngest found relief from her extreme eczema, we found relief from sore muscles and a general overall sense of well being.  By taking the salt internally, our family has found relief from kidney and gall stones, arthritis, allergies, asthma, high blood pressure, and help in regulating blood sugar to name a few.  We've also used it to treat injuries, fevers, heat exhaustion, migraines, and many more ailments. 

Our company was created to help educate others on the many benefits of these natural products.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



The Horner Family