Bentonite Clay

Posted on March 17, 2014

Bentonite Clay

 Bentonite Clay

            There are many beneficial healing types of clay from all around the world. Clays have been used for thousands of years all around the world. One of the most beneficial clays if have found is Calcium-Bentonite Montorillonite, or Bentonite clay. Our source is mined right here in the United States and is one of the cleanest sources we know of. It is dried using solar rays and therefore is not heated and does not lose any of its beneficial properties. It is calcium based and doesn’t swell like many of the other clays which are sodium based and swell. And best of all, if you keep it in a sealed container, the shelf-life is indefinite. The benefits of this clay are numerous and it’s properties unique. Most detoxing elements will help move the toxins in the body, but not all of them will help eliminate them as well. Bentonite clay not only helps remove the toxins from its hiding places, but also removes the toxins from the body. It is one of the few materials that adsorb and absorb; meaning the toxic particles stick to the outside of the clay molecule and are also drawn into the inside of the clay molecule. So it acts as both a magnet and a sponge for toxins.

Bentonite clay has been used for centuries to treat all kinds of ailments. It has also been studied more recently and has been found to draw toxins such as staph, strep, MRSA, E.coli, dysentery, and cholera to name a few. It can also draw the toxins out of bites and stings such as the brown recluse spider and mosquito bites. It is safe to use for all ages and is good for the pets and plants too. With today’s bacteria and viruses becoming more immune to our conventional medical treatments, Bentonite clay is a must have for every medicine cabinet.

            We use clay in our house almost daily for various reasons. Our children take clay baths which are very good for the skin and detoxing. We make clay masks all the time and use them for treatments of acne on the skin as well as detoxing various parts of the body. For instance, it is good to cover the throat with a mud mask to detox the thyroid. Our children are always asking for mud masks for their throats, which makes sense since your thyroid is your first line of defense. Years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and suffered from lots of discomfort from goiters and a thyroid that didn’t function well. Since using the clay masks I have detoxed my thyroid and have no problems. It is also good for covering your legs to help reduce cellulite and scarring. A clay mask is a natural, amazing way to tighten the skin. I like to also put a clay mask over my back to help assist the kidneys in detoxing and draining the toxins they collect throughout the body. If you are not feeling well or have eaten something bad you can also take some clay internally to help speed recovery.

            Bug bites and bee stings are coming soon. This clay is a must have. Simply make a clay mask and put it on any bite or sting to remove toxins and help alleviate itching. Mosquitoes will soon be out and they carry lots of diseases with them. Even your animals are at risk. Make sure to treat any bites or stings with clay for them as well. When our puppy was only weeks old he stepped on a wasp. His little paw swelled to three times its normal size. We put a clay mask on his paw and wrapped it in self sticking gauze to keep him from licking it. In about 30 minutes his paw had gone back to normal size and the pain was gone. There are many more uses for bentonite clay than I can write in one article. You can also find more information about uses for the clay in our book First Aid from the Earth.

Suggestions for use:

External use – We like to mix our bentonite clay with HimaSkin, a Himalayan salt water solution, for best results. If HimaSkin is not available, make sure you use clean filtered or distilled water so as not to add unnecessary contaminants to the clay before use. Add enough liquid to make the clay into the consistency of mud, not too runny and not to dry. Once mixed, simply apply to the affected area and cover with a towel or cloth so it won’t dry out too quickly. Once the clay is dry, you can simply remove it with a wet cloth or shower. Do not reuse the clay. The skin will appear unusually red after the clay is removed. That is normal and just the results of the toxins being pulled out. The redness will disappear shortly.

Clay bath – It can also be used for a detoxing bath as well. Add 1-4 cups of powdered clay to the bath and soak for 20-30 minutes. Rinse off and drain the tub. Remember to rinse any residue down the drain as well so you don’t have to scrub it off later.

Internal use – Keep in mind that not all clays are good for internal use. Our source has been used by many people for years internally and has proven to be safe. With that said, simply mix the clay in juice or water and drink. Take at least 4 hours away from vitamins and medicine so as not to pull them out with the clay.

Because clay is good for a metal detox as well, make sure to not use metal to mix the clay. Use wood, glass, or ceramic for example. Below is a recommendation for internal use. You can adjust the dosage accordingly based on your response to the clay.

Infants: ¼ to ½ teaspoon

Children and small adults: 1 teaspoon

Adults of medium build: 1 heaping teaspoon

Adults of large build: 1 tablespoon

Adults of extra large build: 1 heaping tablespoon

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