First Aid from the Earth!

 Posted on Feburary 24, 2014

First Aid from the Earth!

We are pleased to announce our new First Aid from the Earth book and first aid kits!

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For many of us, we are hearing daily about all the natural things in this world that is good for us. There is at least one new article every day telling us about another benefit we didn’t know existed. For someone who is new to the natural world, this information can be confusing and a bit scary. I know when my son was diagnosed with autism in 2008 I was overwhelmed. Where to start? What do I try? How do I use it? The questions seemed to never end. As a parent of eight children I thought I had cornered the market on raising kids and treating all those pesky little illness and sniffles. But in light of my son’s diagnosis, everything in our conventional medicine cabinet had to be thrown away. It was as if someone had tied both hands behind my back, but wanted me to still fix the problem. So I did what I think any parent would do…we googled everything! I spent countless hours on the computer and digging through books that I must have spent a fortune on trying to get a handle on this new world I was thrown into.

I have learned a lot in the past six years and have not only helped my own children but countless others as well. Friends and family call me constantly asking me for advice on how to treat everything from allergies, distended bellies, autism, and ADHD, to chronic conditions such as lymes disease and fatigue. As a mother of eight I am very conscientious of money and try to find the best possible solution for the least amount of money; being careful not to sacrifice quantity for quality. The result of my research and experience has led me to write my first book on these natural remedies using only three items, or variations of them. Pink Himalayan salt, bentonite clay, and oxidative therapies like food grade hydrogen peroxide or MMS, have become invaluable to our medicine cabinet. Whether it’s an emergency or an illness, these three items have been at the front of our defense. The number of uses for these three items is unlimited. 

In an effort to help others who are either new to the natural world or those who want to have a first aid kit that is useful and contains all the information and materials needed, I created the First Aid from the Earth book and first aid kit. This book is easy to read and comes with information on each natural remedy as well as how to use it, how it works, and what it is good for. It includes an indexed list of common ailments and injuries and what is recommended for each one. In addition to the book I have put together a first aid kit using the items listed in the book. This kit is a must have for any natural home as well as for any emergency or preparedness kit.

I have researched each ingredient to find the best, cleanest sources for each. Not all Himalayan salts or bentonite clays are created equal for example. I had researched the Himalayan salts before settling on a distributor that had a good, clean, original source of Himalayan salt. I contacted just about every bentonite clay company I could find and requested samples from each one to verify that I had already chosen the best possible source. I was shocked to say the least when the other company’s clay did absolutely nothing! When you use a good source of bentonite clay you can actually feel the clay pulling the toxins out of the skin. Sadly, none of the other brands of clay allowed me to feel them working. My point is, just because you have the name of something recommended does not mean that you will find a good source or know the difference when you do if you haven’t tried them all. 

First Aid from the Earth is available in two sizes; pocket size (4x6) so that you can carry it just about anywhere you go and desk size (6x9) for those who want to leave it at home and want a slightly larger format.  Each First Aid from the Earth kit comes with a pocket size copy of the book as well as Himalayan salt, salt products made from Himalayan salt like eye drops and saline wash, bentonite clay, MMS, castile soap, and first aid supplies. Each kit is contained in a plastic, waterproof, container that is lockable should you choose to do so if you have little ones around. It is a must have for every home. Every solution listed in the book is contained in the kit (with the exception of salt lamps) so you do not have to look for anything to successfully use the book. My goal was to convey as much information as I could, in the easiest to read format, and provide all the items necessary to do so. You can purchase the book and/or kit at our website listed below.  I am working on an advanced book and kit for those of you who want to incorporate other modalities, such as homeopathics and essential oils, and it will also be available soon.           

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