Bye-Bye Dry Itchy Winter Skin!

Posted on January 18, 2014

Bye-Bye Dry Itchy Winter Skin!


It’s about that time when most of us want to become a reptile and shed our skin hoping for a newer, moister covering.  But since that is not an option, I’ll settle for the next best thing…let’s move to the tropics! No? Okay, lucky for you there is a much cheaper option to alleviate that dry, itchy skin that attacks us in the cold winter months. But first, let’s tackle the question of why is my skin dry and itchy in the winter. When the temperature drops we all run to our trusting thermostat and turn on the heat to a nice toasty climate.  However, unless you paid for a top of the line system that has a high end humidifier built into the house that you can adjust, your toasty climate is going to dry out your skin.  All that dry, forced heat is like setting the hair dryer on low and running it for the majority of the day.  The air would turn dry by sucking all the moisture out of the air. This same concept is responsible for our dry, itchy skin in the winter.

But don’t forget that we also go outside in the cold, frigid air. We subject our skin to thermal shock by being all nice and toasty and then heading outside.  We all know what happens to glass when it is exposed to thermal shock right?  It cracks.  So why would our skin not react in the same manner?  It cracks and chaps and causes all kinds of discomfort.  By protecting ourselves from hypothermia and heading out into the cold, we are drying out and cracking our skin which can cause serious problems for some and minor irritation for others.  The solution is the same no matter what degree of dry, itchy skin you suffer from.

So what’s the solution?

Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt contains miraculous healing properties for both our environment and our bodies. A sole bath, contrary to a normal bath, allows salt to be stored in the upper layer of the skin and binds water.  This is why a sole bath is good for dry skin problems.  By rehydrating the skin, you will alleviate the dry, itchiness you are suffering from.  Why isn’t just taking a shower everyday enough?  Because once you dry off, your skin has lost its source of moisture.  By taking a sole bath, your skin has stored moisture that it can use to help combat the dry air.

I remember being at a festival in Virginia Beach.  I was standing in my tent selling my salt when a young mother strolled by with her son who could not have been more than two years old.  I remember it vividly as I felt such sadness for that toddler.  He was covered from head to toe, every inch, with one of the most horrible cases of eczema I had ever seen.  The mother had asked about a sign I had displayed saying the salt was good for eczema and wanted to know if it was something that could help her son.  Of course I immediately started telling her all the wonderful things it could do for her son to alleviate what I could only imagine must be a painful quality of life.  She was very interested in what I had to say and ask for some information to take with her.  She didn’t have the money to purchase the salt for her son, but wanted to get the information so when she did get money she could try it.  I’m a pretty good judge of character and could tell she was being genuine.

Not wanting to see the child suffer one more day, I placed a couple of salt rocks in a bag for her along with the brochure and told her to just take it and try it.  She was so thankful and I could tell she was excited that she may be able to provide some relief for her son.  About a week later I received an order on my website for 30 of those salt rocks.  In the comments section was a testimony from the grandmother of that little boy.  Her daughter had taken her son home and put him in a salt bath.  (She was able to give him four salt baths with the amount of salt I had given her.)  Her son’s skin improved so much that she was telling her mother about this amazing new bath that provided such relief but she just didn’t have the finances to continue it.  The grandmother was so excited that her grandson was getting better that she started purchasing the salt and having it shipped to him on a regular basis.  Those two little salt rocks changed that little boy’s life in a drastic way.


You may be thinking, but I’m not that bad and it’s only mildly irritating.  That’s okay too because taking a salt bath can not only take that mild irritation away, but also help relax, detox and restore health to your skin and body.  Don’t reach for the lotion bottle and slather you body in some chemical that will clog all your pores and prevent your skin from breathing.  (You did know that your skin is a living, breathing organism right?  It is a vital organ in your body that plays an important part; a part that is severely limited with the use of lotions and creams.  Not to mention all the chemicals you will absorb through your skin into your body.  So keep it simple…take a sole bath to renew and rejuvenate your skin to its intend health and glory.

How to Prepare a Sole or Salt Bath

To prepare a sole (salt) bath you should use natural, untreated Himalayan crystal salt.  For an average bathtub, approximately 28-gallon capacity, you would need 2.35 pounds of crystal salt.  If your tub has a larger capacity, you would need more salt, 1.28 ounces of salt per gallon of water.  (You can also take a salt bath using less salt and still benefit from its healing properties, but the effect will be milder and results might take longer to appear.)  Our kids bathtubs are just standard tubs and I use about 1 cup to 1 ½ cups of salt per bath depending on their needs.

Pour the salt into the tub and add enough water to cover it.  The salt should dissolve in about 10-15 minutes.  (If using a salt stone, simply remove the remainder of the stone and place it on a soap dish for future use.) Finish filling your bathtub with water at approximately 98.6°F, our normal body temperature.  This is important, as the body must not sacrifice its own energy to balance out the temperature. If you are looking to detox with a sauna effect, then by all means turn up the temperature.  A hot, salt bath is a wonderful detox!

You should soak between 15-30 minutes.  Don’t soak longer than 30 minutes or you will start to absorb the toxins back in through the skin.  Do not share a sole bath with others as you can absorb their toxins in through your skin.  Do not shower off, simply air dry or pat dry with a towel.  For our young ones we showered them first, then filled up the tub, added the salt, and allowed them to play for 40-45 minutes.

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